Mission Statement

Mauao Performing Arts Centre's mission is to provide a fun
and educational experience in the performing arts
and associated industry fields.

In support of this we are committed to:

At MauaoPAC we have the space and facilities to cater for tuition and performance in Dance, Theatre, Art, Music and Production of these Arts.


  • Dance tuition and performance area
  • Arts tuition area
  • Staged Theatre area
  • Music Academy
  • Audio recording and Video editing suite
  • Events room
  • Interactive Student Website

Developing our staff:
At MauaoPAC our tutors emphasis is on a fun learning experience while striving for excellence within the student. Our tutors are all professionals in their own right and openly pass their information on to students.

Developing and nurturing our students:
Our students participate in regular performances and displays of their chosen art fields both in-house and in public.

MauaoPAC is a positive and supportive environment that encourages original and creative thinking and art.

The MauaoPAC events room showcases local and international artists.

Online Booking:
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Opening Hours:
MauaoPAC is open by appointment only however we endeavour to have staff in the building by 10am Monday to Saturday. Closed on Sunday unless an Event is running.

Contact us: 0800 11 22 41 or admin@mauaopac.co.nz


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