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So you wanna be a DJ? These school holidays the records will be spinning and the bass bumping at the Mauao Performing arts Center on Totara street, Mt Maunganui. For the first time the Aotearoa DJ Academy is introducing their popular Digital DJ 101 program from the capital city as a holiday program for all children aged 9 and above.

This intensive one week course will provide a comprehensive inside look into the world of the DJ starting from "scratch" and hosted by DJ Shan.

DJ Shan (Shan Chng-Rawiri) is a born and raised local now based in the capital city and is delighted to be able to bring a program like this back home to the next generation of upcoming musicians.

"This has been a work in progress for a long time now and I am very excited to see what the new generation has in terms of moving forward in the DJ music industry. The next DJ superstar is out there".

All lessons are taught on the best and most upto date industry standard equipment availible. And each student will have a workbook to take away with them. The only thing you will need is your own headphones and a usb stick of your favourite music.


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