DOORS 2PM, Sun 20 Aug 2017  


We're heading north this August to show off the new album - of which we're particularly proud. Mix that up with some funky and familiar covers - and you can boogie until your cows come home.

You can find out about us, have a listen and get familiar over here... www.julielamb.co.nz ... What you see is what you get!

Our blurb says...

Vintage Sounds with a present day feel.
Storytelling that moves your body, mind and soul.

The Julie Lamb Band is a 10 piece with a huge range and immense love of music. They draw influence from all the greats providing the ultimate contemporary mix of funky blues rock, reflected in their award-winning original songs.

The band features some of Wellington's most prolific musicians, they have made a name for themselves in New Zealand's capital city over the last 7 years. A hero band for all the music lovers out there.

Mixing classic hits with their own funky originals gives the audience the comfort of familiarity - fans can't help but dance the night away - perfect for a festival vibe.

With four albums under their belt, they consistently attract new fans with their dynamic music and exciting live performance. A powerhouse of talent, the music shows off all of the band members. There is real joy in watching and hearing their collective performance - man, they are tight!

"It's great to hear some funky pop-rock with good old fashioned backing vocals and horn parts too. A class act made all the better by the joie-de-vivre it encapsulates and projects" - Bing Turkby NZ Music Magazine 2017


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