Group drama classes for students aged 8-18

Classes are organised into age specific groups and focus on developing drama and performance skills. At the end of each term family and friends are warmly invited to an open lesson whereby students will present an aspect of the work they have completed throughout the term. This provides students with an opportunity to highlight personal achievement in a safe and supportive environment. 

In group drama classes students will learn:

  • Theatre sports games

  • Voice warm up and vocal care exercises

  • The art of projection and articulation on stage

  • Small script work

  • Devising and retelling of stories on stage

  • Small group drama performances

  • Individual monologue/characterisation tasks

  • Improvisation and mime

  • Elements of performance

In conjunction with Mauao Performing Arts Centre we are excited to announce that group drama classes will begin at 11 Totara Street, Mount Maunganui on the 22nd July. Please get in touch with Ashleigh or any of the staff at MauaoPAC to book your place. 

Ashleigh - or 02102893327

MauaoPAC - - or 0800 11 22 41



4-5pm Age 8-11 - School years 4-7

5-6pm Age 12-14 - School years 8-10

6-7pm Age 15 -18 - School years 11-13