Elise graduated from the University of Michigan with a bachelor's degree in Vocal Performance in 2011. Her extensive studies at this top university included a bundle of important classes built to form a strong foundation of healthy and professional singing and musicianship. After graduation, Elise boarded a six-star cruise ship and traveled the world a few times over fronting different cover bands made up of brilliant musicians. Her years of experience in the real world performing every evening has allowed her to take those studies and put them into action, allowing her the vocal strength and endurance to tackle such a demanding, but exciting, job. She remembers the first time she sailed into The Mount on one of her very first ship contracts and it was love ever since. Fast forward to now and she can't believe she gets to call this place home and is now in a position to pass her knowledge and experience to eager minds, both young and old.

Elise very much looks forward to meeting you!

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