Jeremy Hantler

BMus (hons - first class) Jazz performance; Grad Dip. Tchng, is the newest drum teacher at Mauao PAC.
As drum kit player/percussionist with a wealth of experience playing in folk, country, hip-hop, jazz, brazilian, covers,  afrobeat, and improv bands. Jeremy offers expertise with a wide cross section of real world drum styles required to be an active musician in New Zealand. As a fully registered, practising Primary School teacher he is aware of sound, current pedagogical practice and theory, and the importance of motivation in the learning process. In 2017 Jeremy travelled to Ethno Sweden and Ethno Estonia on full scholarship to study working with youth in a world music context, and also attended the International Orff Summer Course in Salzburg for teaching in the creative arts, before presenting at the MENZA conference in Wellington. Jeremy loves to make his own music and instruments but is driven by the power music has: to regulate emotions, to develop youth into functioning, engaged adults, to form stronger communities, and to further appreciate the beauty of the world around us.