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Drummer/Percussionist from Tauranga. Became professional back in 2002 tutoring drums & percussion, playing in various original and cover bands. Nick also takes the drum throne as the resident drummer and facilitator at Mount Brewing Co Brew Bar, Mount Live Lounge jam night in Mt Maunganui.

Currently Playing drums for top entertainment bands such as Pow Wow, Lock n Load and No Code from the bay area. Graduated in 2011 with a diploma in Music also receiving two top of the class awards for Best Studio Production and Best Music Performance.

Nick has also recorded with various artists such as Liam Ryan, Santiago Rebagliati, Huia Hamon, Torch Songs, Deeds (deedsnz), Kim Ward and Davey Beige. Nick has an open style of drumming with influence ranging through to funk, blues, dub, reggae, rock, metal, and electronica beats.

With a contemporary style of teaching, Nick has the passion and drive to deliver information to help and encourage you to learn and understand drums.